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All roads lead to Russia in the June and July Months of this year.  This is the world’s most awaited extravagant quadrennial event piala dunia 2018.  There may be other games or sports events but nothing like a FIFA world cup.  Regional and seasonal sports are played across the world.  Maybe it is rugby, cricket, ice hockey, volleyball and much more but nothing is equal to football.  It is played in the nook and corner of the world.  It is a game which is the god to millions of people.  Apart from keeping the body fit it also increases the mental ability of football players.  Football players are worshiped as gods by millions and millions of people and that is why they earn billions of dollars.

FIFA world cup

  • FIFA :

    Federation international football association is the governing body of international football.  Fifa organizes the football world cup every four years.  Though it is not involved in the rules it is the one which decides where and which country should host the world cups.  The revenue of FIFA runs to billions of dollars from organizing many events related to football playing of men and women of its 209 national associations around the world.  This is the first world cup in Russia where all the 209 associations entered the qualifying process.

  • Corruption in FIFA :

    The allotment of the 2018 world cup to Russia and 2022 cup to Qatar received a slew of accusations from investigative journalists.  Enquires were conducted in the US and Switzerland separately and sentences were given.  But the Garcia report of 2014 cleared the cloud around FIFA which continued to organize the events of football around the world.

  • Indonesia and world cup 2018 :

     Indonesia with a population of 33 lakhs was initially one of the 9  bidders of the world cup.  They were contending to host the world cup along with Russia, Portugal, Spain and 5 other countries in 2009.  But the bid was rejected for the lack of support of  Indonesian government.

   Indonesia along with Zimbabwe after qualifying was expelled even before playing  one of their qualifying matches.  Indonesia ended from bidding to host the world cup 2018 to not even playing one qualifying match.

   In spite of its controversies, disqualifications  and eliminations piala dunia 2018 is the much-awaited event of 2018 not only to bring an end to the 4-year long wait of the  die-hard fans of football but to billions of people  around the world.

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