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I will define travel photography as one that is responsible for providing images to the tourism industry. Covers from hotel photographs, landscapes, local festivals, cultures, customs, etc.The images are purchased in order to advertise these destinations, generate merchandising or sell them in print.Having such a variety of themes within travel photography, you will have to move in various fields such as portraiture, landscapes, wildlife, underwater photography or reporting. Click here for localgrapher paris.

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How can I finance my photo trips?

I know travel bloggers who earn money with their photographs by shooting in automatic mode (there you get a point) or taking pictures with your mobile phone, promoting and financing yourself through Instagram. Visit this site for localgrapher paris.

There are many possibilities of financing; I personally prefer to cover several to focus on just one. That is, look for income from photography and a blog, or from photography and the publication of a book, through Youtube videos, etc.

Offer your services as a photographer

If you are prepared to give photography courses or accounts with a style and techniques that may interest the rest of the world, go ahead. Advise photo associations in the area to show them your work and propose a course, talk or Photowalks that are so fashionable and give such good results.

If you are a fashion photographer or you are doing portraits, maybe someone is interested in taking advantage of your city to have a session.

Use Facebook Ads, how could I not remember the power of Facebook Ads and its great segmented ads! If you have a Facebook page you can promote your course or Photowalks through this tool that will only show your ad to potential customers in the area you choose and with the tastes that best suit what you offer, we’ll see how to set up campaigns of advertising.

Financing a trip through crowdfunding

The crowdfunding may sound to something distant or too big for you, but if your project is good, sure there is much public who bet on him.

You can offer services such as the ones mentioned above, ebooks, printed books, access to courses, exhibitions, hard copies, etc. in exchange for a financial contribution.

Sell ​​photographs through microstock pages

The photographers who make their living with this type of agencies have thousands of photos that are sold daily for all kinds of purposes, so the commission does not look so bad when you have such a large file, focused on advertising. The best thing about these pages is that you only have to worry about making good photos, no web, or online stores, yes, your work should be focused on advertising, smiling people, doing everyday actions, tourist photos, etc.



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