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Nowadays safety of homes is very important due to increased crime rates. From ancient times, people use locks and keys for the safety of those living in and also for valuable things. But because of technical advancements, many types of lockers are available with enhanced safety. Nowadays best digital safe for home is in trend because of its top security. We can fit it in the main doors or else we can use it as a portable one. They use these types of banks, factories, and homes to keep important documents and day-to-day valuables. These types of lockers are 10 times stronger than our normal wooden cupboards. They are more efficient and easier to use than older ones. These models have a lot of inbuilt facilities to ensure safety. There are lots of authentication methods like passwords, numerical codes, security tokens like smart cards, radio frequency identification using radio waves.

Here are a few attractive features.

  • These types have an LCD panel in front of it to enter the digital passwords.
  • It has features like an auto-locking facility after consecutive wrong attempts.
  • Motorized locking mechanism.
  • Alarm for the incorrect entries.
  • Nonvolatile memory helps in remembering passwords.
  • Low battery indicator for the LCD display.
  • You can wall-mount or place it on the floor according to your convenience
  • Override keys for the manual unlocking in case of emergencies.

These types of safes have steel body built, and this also provides the increased protection. These home safes are in different sizes according to our needs. There are safes that weigh over 150 kg that can be useful in factories. They bolt this safe in the ground so that it is very difficult for the burglars to move. Installation of these helps to reduce theft. We can also present it to our loved ones in the way of showing our love in terms of their safety. So, these types of lockers are a must in every home to lead a peaceful life.

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