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With a dead weight of the car of 1,500 kg, its permissible total weight is 2,800 kg, which in practice allows you to freely load up to 1.5 tons of cargo. The ford trucks van is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox, which allows the driver to optimally use the gear ratios in various road conditions. On the motorway, the manufacturer recommends a maximum transit speed of 120 km / h, but in practice this modern car can move faster. A  useful feature of the car is its high ground clearance, which helps to increase bottom capacity in poor road conditions Ford Explorer for sale.

Reliability and stability on the road ford trucks offers independent suspension and high quality disc brakes, which are equipped with all wheels of the van. Being a commercial truck in its standard configuration, the Transit has only three passenger seats equipped in the head of the cabin. However, many owners today will convert these cars for passenger transport, and this is no accident. Despite its purpose, ford trucks 2.2 TDCI has all the advantages of a comfortable and modern car that can move easily and quickly on both city streets and country roads.

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The reliability and solid engine life of Ford cars allow owners of new “transits” for the first few years not to know any particular problems with the cars. However, among the main problems associated with the operation of ford trucks with mileage, one can name the chassis, which may require repair after driving on domestic roads , as well as the gearbox, which can begin to be “capricious” when changing the marches outside the first 300,000 kilometers. To machines from Germanythis does not apply to such an extent: the mileage can be multiplied by three – there the wear of the car is much lower. The engine, with proper maintenance, “runs” without failures for at least 500,000 km. Plastic linings can vibrate inside the Transit cabin, so factory sound insulation often requires self-processing by ford trucks owners.

The bodywork is practical and robust. However, it is he who usually raises complaints from the owners. The metal used for it is quite weak. Despite the quality coating, corrosion can appear after 4 years of active use. Sound insulation in the interior also cannot be called excellent.

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