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Using identity cards has increased drastically among people to confirm their identity at the right time. With the evolution of enhanced technologies, it has now become reliable to access the online service that provides fake cards at affordable rates. Visit the site of idgod to know about the methodologies followed to deliver high-quality cards that serve a variety of purposes appropriately.

Factors to consider before choosing the service are,

  • Verify the Reputation of companies in advance for selecting the preferred ones which deliver amazing cards of the best quality.
  • Check the technical specifications like thickness, dimension, and printing pattern for receiving the best cards perfectly.
  • Ensure to evaluate the free shipping facility that helps in getting cards free of cost to the mentioned destination on time.
  • Find time to read the reviews and testimonials for confirming the efficient service that is provided to the users from various places.
  • Confirm the availability of cards for different states from reliable providers who are skilled in producing cards with transparent images.
  • Explore the budget estimation in advance for ordering cards at less cost than usual for saving your valuable money.

You can find cards that are printed using polycarbonate material with micro printing options to delight the customers. Using perfect colors in both the front and backside of cards has made people receive the desired ones with enhanced clarity. It is mandatory to choose your state in advance for confirming your resident place appropriately. Explore the printing pattern that ranges from solid to spiral patterns with unique specifications.

Details to enter while placing an order are as follows,

  • Name and address details with zip code.
  • Gender, hair, and eyes color.
  • Correct weight and height.
  • Date of birth.
  • Driver license number.
  • Card issued to date.

The individuals can track the shipment using the order number that is generated after placing an order successfully. You can also refer to the image tutorial that is displayed in idgod which aids in taking pictures with enhanced clarity. Follow the guidelines correctly for adding images with a good background. You can receive cards which has a seal for covering the primary photo appropriately.


You can make use of instant discounts that find cards at cost-effective rates. It is possible to view the cards that contain the state capital and outline which are printed with the finest shades for accomplishing the needs of people. Find the possibility of receiving cards that looks like laser-printed cards along with a compliant star for identification.