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The newer the car, the more electronics types of equipment are there. Are we able to cope with the faults of electronics in our car ourselves? Yes of course!. However, we must be aware that there are very few things related to electronics that we could repair ourselves. Being a professional car mechanical service provider of Raleigh, NC, we’ve come with some effective tips that can help you with the same. Let’s check them out.

Broken doormats, no rear window heating In most cases, an electrical fault in the vehicle is associated with a blown fuse, which just needs to be replaced.

car headlights

How to do it?

 In the beginning, we have to get to the fuses. Those less important from the point of view of the engine’s operation are inside the vehicle (in many cases it is here that we find the ones we are looking for). After locating them and removing the plug, we need to check the position of the fuse, which is responsible for, for example, the work of our wipers. The exact description can be found on the back of the plug, which we dismantled a moment ago. How do you know the faulty fuse? We should see the intersection of the plaque connecting one element with the other – it will be a sign of the element being burned out.

No dashboard illumination

Very often the fault in the car is the disappearance of the dashboard backlight. Once we have checked the fuse responsible for its backlight and did not find any damage, there are two possibilities. For starters, dismount the element that is not highlighted and check if the bulb has burned out. If it is working and the backlight still does not work, let’s examine the light switch. In many cases, the contacts in its interior simply wear out, and thus – they prevent the flow of electricity, resulting in a lack of a backlight.

Problem with electric windows

In the case of electric window control, their poor operation is a common problem. We need to start diagnosing the problem by checking the fuses. If their condition is not in doubt, we can proceed with further diagnosis. The easiest way is to disconnect the power from the engine of the glass located in the door (mandatory disassembly of the door panels) and “attaching” to the ankle with a measuring device (multimeter, voltmeter).

If during the pressing of buttons responsible for the control of the windows, the values ​​appear on the screen of the measuring device, it will mean damage to the engine responsible for lifting and lowering the windows.


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