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3D Mammogram in Middletown

A mammogram can be defined as an X-ray image of the breast tissues. The process of producing the X-ray image is known as mammography. This method is one of the most advanced tools humans have against deadly diseases such as breast cancer. The concept of mammography emerged around the 1920s in the medical industry, but due to technological limitations, it did not come into practice until the late 1960s. Robert Egan began the work on the first mammography machine in Texas. The introduction of mammography in the medical instantly began proving right. Modern mammography methods such as 3D Mammogram in Middletown, NJ, result from the massive demand for such practices.

3D Mammogram

A 3D mammogram is a three-dimensional X-ray image of the breast tissue structure. This process of producing an X-ray image in three dimensions involves combining multiple two-dimensional images to construct a three-dimensional map of the structure of breast tissues. The process is used widely worldwide, such as the 3D Mammogram in Middletown, NJ, to detect and treat any signs of breast cancer effectively. Breast cancer has become extremely common in women of the modern world. Insufficient information on the subject leads to negligibility towards the disease, which becomes hazardous for the person.

Benefit Of Using A 3D Mammogram

There are numerous benefits of using images of the whole three-dimensional structure of the breast tissues. This helps doctors analyze and assess the health of the tissues in a very detailed manner. This is why this is considered one of the most effective methods for detecting and treating diseases such as breast cancer. Some of the expected benefits of using this imaging method are discussed below:

  • It reduces the risk of dying due to untreated breast cancer.
  • This method provides women with an effective way to assess the health of their breasts.