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Apple devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad are closed environment with iOS. Mostly all the mobile devices are designed with Digital Rights Management. There will be many restrictions to bypass those firewall systems. Among every other mobile operating system, iOS is the strong system that do not allow any software outside from the apple store. Apple store restricts its application which meets the stringent guidelines. It does not allow all the application access into the apple world. Apple store is like a sand box, you cannot install app that you want to use. It limits the app access that you can download. But if you feel like being in jail with the apple device, you can break it with the hacking software. This hacking software is called jail breaking software. As I-devices are the self controlled universe that is hidden inside one single icon, you cannot move out from that world without breaking.

Cydia download

If you are a lover of many other apps outside apple store, then you can download jailbreak software like Cydia. Thus, Cydia download is easier method than other options. When you download this software, you can access every other software outside the box. You will have the option to move out of apple jail with the access to this software. Cydia guru has many advantageous features. Some of them are

  • It supports all the version of iOS. Every other jail breaker does not able to break the latest version of iOS buy Cydia is the only software that broke iOS 12. It is said that it can even break upcoming versions.
  • The team provides 24×7 supports for apple users who have to solve problem after installing.
  • As you want to process Cydia download, you do not have to connect your device with computer. This software just needs the safari browser to complete installation.
  • This software is compatible with every version of iOS. Despite of version and bit device models, Cydia supports every device.

If you want to access every application, tweaks, widgets and themes, as an apple user you can download Cydia to get access and customize I-devices are you wish.

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