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If you are considering starting a custom t-shirt screen printing business, you may know a few of the basics; however, once you begin you may realize you are having issues with your creations. These tips should guide you in the right direction so your business will thrive instead of having customers asking for refunds.

The number one thing if you want to make your customers happy is to ensure that the shirt feels just like the fabric of the shirt. If the shirt is not comfortable, your customers are not going to want to wear the shirt.

The fabric should be able to be washed without the worry of cracking or fading of the print you applied. Too many times, screen printed attire often fades very quickly after a few washings. When someone purchased custom designed shirts, you can expect them to be worn and washed often, therefore they must stand the test of time.

The artwork you designed and placed on the garment should have crisp and clean edges and lines. The better the print the longer the print will last and keep your customers happy.

You should always use the right types of ink, such as nazdar, additives, and other specialty products for the garment as well as your design.

When you have your technique in place it should produce consistent pressure, angle, and speed for every print you create. This will aid in ensuring your work will be consistent which will make it easier for you to repeat.

To get the cleanest print, you will need to ride the squeegee and the blade on the edge of the print through the right mesh. Some individuals do not like doing this manual as it can be a bit more difficult; however, others love doing the process manually. Therefore, it is truly up to you which method makes you more comfortable.

The best printing mesh used by most is 160 mesh count. What is often seen with beginners is the mesh count is not right which is the worst mistake.

Be sure to read instructions on the ink when it comes to curing. You should also do a test print so you will ensure that you do not over or under cure which can cause cracking in your print.

To ensure your images are consistent on every garment, it is suggested to use a T-Square which will ensure the proper placement.

These tips are just a few of the ones to get you started. You should also learn more about the equipment and how to create unique designs to always have a large database for your customers to choose from that will keep them coming back.