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depression and its symptoms

There are a lot of things in life to stay happy but there is sometimes at which people will be feeling low and sad all the time. In those instances, it is always necessary to check with the doctor to get rid of from these issues, people cannot concentrate on their day to day activities. They feel the emptiness and cannot even get the satisfaction no matter how hard they try. This continuous feeling of sadness that stays in a person’s mind for more than a week or more is called as the depression. The depression is like the complex feel that consists of both psychological as well as the physical symptoms. As said earlier, low level in mood and sadness is considered to be the most common symptom. The decreased activity in some parts of the brain is the commonly found thing in some people who suffer from the depression. But it is a good thing to know that this feeling is curable and all you have to do is to contact the depression rehab centers which could help you in getting recover from this issue.

Common symptoms of depression

The depression will usually consist of the following symptoms which are as follows:

  • People will feel continuously low and sad all the time.
  • One will not have the joy or interest in doing any kinds of activities.
  • Feeling of negative thoughts all the time.
  • A kind of irritating feel all the time.
  • Slowness of the thinking process.
  • Slow physical reactions in the body like one may suffer stomach upset, constipation, difficulty while urinating and much more.
  • Inferiority complex.

Types of depression

The depression rehab centers usually treat people with the symptoms they possess and they divided depression into various types depending upon the symptoms.

  • Mono-polar depression- This will make the people to less participate in the social activities.
  • Bipolar depression- One could feel the alternating moods and this could affect the person from sleeping and less concentration.
  • Manic disorder- This is usually identified by the lack of sleep and the person will be hyperactive all the time.
  • Depression associated with physical symptoms- In this, people will be suffering from the digestive problems, slow reactions physically and much more.