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Facebook password hacker

Many people wish to hack other user’s Facebook accounts and that too for free. But most of the time all they get is disappointment. 90% of the users do not succeed because they choose a wrong method or application for facebook hacking. Another 10% do succeed as they make use of genuine applications such as FaceAccess. Many people want to hack another user’s account to read their conversations and get access to their friend list and posts.

Facebook password hacker

Most common myths about Facebook hacking are:

  • People think it is quite easy, just like a cake walk.
  • Some people think that they can easily get a Facebook hacking software for free.
  • They think that there are many genuine online tools which have Javascript to hack Facebook accounts.
  • They think that they can hack user accounts by completing some surveys.
  • They think that it is quite easy to learn hacking techniques.
  • They believe that hacking is not at all against the law.

But the truth is that all of the above mentioned myths are completely false. Hacking is not at all easy, using any simple code or Javascript. It is quite difficult to compromise the security team of the big giant Facebook. They have a strong security as there are billions of adverts and user accounts running on this social media platform. Also, according to the cyber crime law, hacking is considered as illegal and so you should think multiple times before you hack even for fun.

Most of the applications that claim to help you with Facebook hacking are not at all genuine and effective. Hence, you must choose an application such as FaceAccess which has a guaranteed hacking rate of around 79%. You must choose this application wisely, as some fake applications might contain a Trojan and bots that can compromise your own personal information. Some people choose phishing and keylogger applications to for hacking accounts, but there is a high chance that the person will come to know about hacking intentions. Hence it is necessary to choose a good rated application for hacking facebook user accounts.