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In recent days many people wish to undergone cosmetic dentistry treatment. When it comes to traditional dentistry it must be deals with the hygiene level and the diagnose process. When it comes to the cosmetic dentistry it is fully focused on the appearance. It will solve the issues like missing teeth, chipped teeth and discoloration.

What are the types of cosmetic dentistry?

Dental Bonding:

Bonding will help you to reduce the gap between the teeth and repairs chipped or broken teeth. The bonding procedure is an application of enamel to the surface and molds it into the shape then hardens it with the help of ultraviolet light and finally polishing it. This will looks like the natural teeth and the outcome will be unbelievable.

Dental Brace:

Dental brace is one of the most common treatments which both children and adults get benefited from. Brace not only helps you to correct the crooked teeth but also improved the jaw structure or any improper position of the teeth.

Dental Crown:

Crown are caps which is to be placed on the teeth which is damaged, this will restore the shape and size of the teeth. This crown can be made in different materials like ceramic, metal and many others.


Denature is a removable artificial teeth which will be replacing the missing teeth. When it comes to this denture there are two types one is partial and the next one is complete. Partial denture is only for missing teeth but the complete denture is both upper and lower row.


This is a long term solution for the missing teeth. This is one of the costliest treatments in cosmetic dentistry. This is one of the best replacements for the denture and bridges. There is no need to remove the temporary teeth; this will be a permanent solution if you take care of it in a proper manner.

There are also many other types of cosmetic dentistry available in today’s advance world. If you are really wanted to know about the remaining cosmetic dentistry types then you can click katy modern dentistry.