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Glass Stove Top

Fried Fish for dinner and salmon for lunch is all it takes for your shiny glass stovetop to turn into a messy, burnt, and greasy stovetop. To buy luxurious items is one thing but maintaining and cleaning it is a whole lot another. Any dried bit of food sitting on top if not cleaned immediately can destroy the whole outlook of your kitchen. Thus, it is crucial to pick the best and reliable glass stove top cleaner available in the market.

To remove burnt-down messes and greasy material from the stovetop, multiple types of products are available in the market. Cooking pads, cleaning wands, tissue wipes, gel cleanser, and cream cleaner and polish are just some of the examples.

glass stove top cleaner

Tips and Tricks to Clean Glass Stove Top as Brand New

To maintain and use your glass stovetop for the long term it is crucial to focus on everyday cleaning. Using glass stove top cleaner wipes is convenient, saves time, and minimizes effort. Also, one can lean towards a microfiber cloth or sponge to dip in a liquid-based cleaner to wipe out dirt, scrapes, and bits. Follow the step-by-step guide to clean your stovetop –

  1. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth and pick food bits
  2. Sprinkle liquid based cleaner or use powder-based cleaner to spray on top
  3. Get some hot water mixed with soap to clean the surface
  4. Use a thick dry towel to wipe the wet surface again

Go for an all-natural product that not only cleans your stovetop efficiently but is chemical and toxin-free.