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Bundesliga at your fingertips

Every football fan has at one point in their lives, missed watching a game. And the feeling of not being able to watch the game live sucks. Especially when the only updates you have are your friends who constantly post annoying status updates about the game online. You might even feel a small amount of jealousy since they can watch the game, unfortunately for you there might have been some important matter you had to attend to that made you miss the game.

In which case, you are not alone. There are also people who get to miss games and feel just as sucky as you are. Fortunately for you, some of these people who miss the games might just happen to be app developers. App developers who well.. developed an app that keeps you up to date with Bundesliga news in real time, while the game goes on. Thank the heavens for these kind hearted app developers who feel your pain.

bundesliga news

Enjoy the game anywhere, anytime.

This glorious app not only keeps you updated about the matches in real time but also daily updates with regards to your favourite clubs and players. It’s also available to download in three different languages namely, German, English and Spanish. Ola! This app feeds you with updated information on everything you need to know about the game, wherever you may be. Assuming that the place you are in doesn’t have television or a sports channel or you just might be doing overtime at your office and can’t go out because of responsibilities.

Never miss a single detail.

This app lets you in on every single juicy detail on what’s currently happening in the game, from the scores to the penalties as well as the commentaries. This makes you feel like you’re just in the stadium watching the game in which you unfortunately cannot go to as of the moment because of certain responsibilities.

An all access pass

Not only does this app give you real time updates during the game, it also serves as an all access pass to news about all the teams that are in the league. Keep yourself updated with every juicy new information that you get via the push notification. With this app, you’ll never feel left behind on the current events regarding Bundesliga.

This app is every football fan’s dream app on the go. Thankfully, there are app developers that share the same sentiments and love for the sports as the people who can’t watch the games live. This free app that’s available to download for any compatible operating system is one of the must have apps for any football or Bundesliga fan out there.